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In 2017 we engaged with an industry technical review and assessment of the issue of structural failures in yachts, including keels. The conclusion was that action needed to be taken to address and mitigate the ongoing risk.

So with the encouragement of certain Yacht Insurers we undertook to research, design and develop a digital platform - an App for boat owners ultimately linking to their insurance. Launched in MVP Prototype Version for Beta testing in January 2023 we now have a clear vision for the Version 2 pathway. We are now working with the insurance industry to establish a new online intelligent Yacht Insurance facility utilising the Yacht Owners' App as its knowledge base, which will result in Insurers being able to underwrite more profitably through access to live data not currently available to them. Analysis of that data being automated, and with future incorporation of Chat GPT and AI tools.

Sustainable Insurance for Yachts is the mission.
* Boat owners having an easy way to digitally record and access key details and information about their boats, servicing, maintenance and survey reports, all of which will remain with the boat for its lifetime, is part of the solution.
* Creating internationally accepted industry standard Survey Protocols and enabling Surveyors to create and record them digitally will be another part.
* As Yacht insurers, recognising the benefits of this increased awareness and being able to incentivise ongoing engagement by boat owners with coverage and premium benefits is the final part. 

Ultimately the App is intended to act as a Zone on the Phone where boat owners have the ability to interface with their Insurers to provide mutual benefit and enhance safety; they can keep all the information about their boat that they need day to day; and also have access to recommended Support Service providers across the yachting industry; and more.

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In 2014 Volvo Ocean Race management tasked QXI with design and development of a Rescue Kite for each of the VO65 fleet in the 2014-2015 Edition of the round the world race.

This was the first time that any professional Ocean Racing Yacht had been equipped with a rescue kite, designed to assist reaching a safe port under own power in the event of the mast being lost or control of the swing keel being lost.

The Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 Edition VO65s racing yachts once again carried the 'ResQkite' Kits onboard as part of their emergency and safety equipment.

QXI has continued to explore development of the kites and control systems for other classes of boats.

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