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In 2014 Volvo Ocean Race management tasked QXI with design and development of a Rescue Kite for each of the VO65 fleet in the 2014-2015 Edition of the round the world race.

This was the first time that any professional Ocean Racing Yacht had been equipped with a rescue kite, designed to assist reaching a safe port under own power in the event of the mast being lost or control of the swing keel being lost.

The Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018 Edition VO65s racing yachts once again carried the 'ResQkite' Kits onboard as part of their emergency and safety equipment.

Together with its partner ASV Performance (Kite experts) QXI has continued to develop the kites and control systems for other classes of boats.

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In 2017 we engaged with an industry technical review and assessment of the issue of structural failures in yachts and in particular keels in racing yachts.

Subsequent to that we concluded that action needed to be taken to address and mitigate the ongoing risk being faced by racing yacht and cruising yacht owners alike. Our solution is YachtDataBank which was launched in Version 1 - MVP (minimum viable product) in January 2023 and continues in development ongoing.

YachtDatabank is a platform (Web & Mobile App) that captures the key data relating to individual sailing yachts and their crews, positively impacting their safety as well as being an indispensable tool for every day operating of the yacht, whether you are afloat, at home, or in transit.

Complementing the core data, including Survey records, YachtDataBank provides an intuitive and functional platform for the recording of all the useful information about the yacht, accessible on mobile / tablet app and online via any device. These records will remain with the yacht for its lifetime.

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